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Program Requirements

In addition to meeting the requirements of the University and Colleges, students must meet the course and program requirements specified below:

  • Three 8-week laboratory rotations during the fall/spring academic year to facilitate selection of a thesis advisor. 

  • Early starts and summer rotations are optional for new students and are only 8 weeks in duration.

  • Participation in a bi-weekly Research Forum during both semesters (students enroll in BMS 800, BMS Research Forum, for 1 credit).

  • Students in the BMS program will be required to take 4 courses in their first two semesters. Two of these courses must be selected from the main course list below, using the course requirements for the Ph.D. program she/he is likely to join at the end of the first year as a guide. The remaining 2 courses can be selected from the main or supplemental course listings below.

Exceptions to these requirements require approval by the Director.

Main Course List

Number Name
BMB 801 Molecular Biology
BMB 805 Protein Structure, Design, and Mechanism
BMB 825 Cell Structure and Function
BMB 829 Methods of Macromolecular Analysis and Synthesis
BMS 800 BioMolecular Science Research Forum
MMG 801 Integrative Microbial Biology
MMG 833 Microbial Genetics
MMG 835 Eukaryotic Molecular Genetics
PHM 801 Fundamental Principles of Pharmacology and Toxicology
PHM 827 Physiology and Pharmacology of Excitable Cells
PLB 865 Plant Growth and Development
PSL 828 Cellular and Integrative Physiology
PSL 910 Molecular Basis of Human Disease and Therapies

Supplemental Course List

Number Name
BMB 802 Metabolic Regulation and Signal Transduction
BMB 856 Plant Molecular and Omic Biology
BMB 864 Plant Biochemistry
MMG 813 Molecular Virology
MMG 851 Immunology
MMG 861 Advanced Microbial Pathogenesis
PHM 802 Cellular, Molecular and Integrated Systems Pharmacology
PHM 816 Integrative Toxicology
PHM 830 Experimental Design & Data Analysis