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Kaylee Wilburn

Kaylee Wilburn will graduate from Bowling Green State University in August of 2020 with a master’s of science that focuses on microbiology. Kaylee’s current research focuses on isolating and characterizing bacteriophage that are capable of infecting multi-drug resistant cystic fibrosis derived pathogens as well as plant pathogens. Once characterization of the phages is complete, competitive assays will be performed to see if evolutionary tradeoffs in the pathogenic host that lead to phage resistance can also lead to the return of antibiotic susceptibility. Kaylee is interested in continuing research in molecular and/or microbiology and hopes to continue to conduct research in the area of host-pathogen interactions. She would like to be considered for positions in the Abramovitch, Hammer, Mansfield, Mulks, Olive or Waters labs.