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Dual Degrees and Training Opportunities

Dual Degrees

Ecology, Evolutionary Biology, and Behavior 

     Director: Dr. Kaye Holekamp (

Environmental and Integrative Toxicological Sciences (EITS) Training Program

     Director: Dr. John J. LaPres (

     IIT Overview

     EITS Overview

     Participating Faculty

     EITS Flyer

Molecular Plant Sciences

     Director: Dr. Brad Day (

Training Opportunities

Integrative Pharmacological Sciences Training Program (IPSTP)

     Director: Dr. Anne Dorrance ( and Dr. Rick Neubig (

     IPSTP Flyer

Plant Biotechnology for Health and sustainability Training Program

     Director: Dr. Robert Last (

Reproductive and Developmental Sciences Training Program (RDSP)

     Director: Dr. Keith Latham (

     RDSP Flyer