Fall 2017

Held every Monday from Noon to 1:00

28 meeting dates will be held every Monday from noon – 1:00 in room 162 Food Safety conference room. Each presenter will give a 30 - 45 minute talk.

Date Speaker Department/Lab Title
September 11 Vanessa Benham PharmTox/J. Bernard Lab Mechanisms of the Etiology and Prevention of Adiposity Associated Tumor Formation
September 18 Laura Kirby MMG/D. Koslowsky Lab Alternative RNA Editing: A Gateway to Dual Coding Genes
September 25 Matthew Faber BMB/T. Whitehead Lab Using Deep Mutational Scanning for Studying Enzyme Adaptive Evolution
October 2 Alexandra Lantz Biochem/T. Sharkey Lab Role of the MEP Pathway in Controlling Isoprene Emission in Natural and Engineered Species
October 9 Samuel Lotz BMB/A. Dickson Lab Prediction and Simulation of Ligand Unbinding Pathways for the Rational Design of Drug Kinetics
October 16 Alyssa Fedorko Genetics/J. Risinger Lab Functional Analysis of Survival Associated Genes in Endometrial Cancer
October 23 Kibrom Alula PharmTox/J. Galligan Lab Diet-induced Hypertension Difference In Male and Female Dahl SS Rats


October 30

Meredith Frie CMB/P. Coussens Lab Assessing the Immune Competence of Dairy Cattle Naturally Infected With Bovine Leukemia Virus
November 6 Casey Johnny CMB/D. DellaPenna Lab Probing the Biochemical Continuity of the Plastid and ER Using the Gibberellin Biosynthetic Pathway

November 13

Daniel Lybrand BMB/R. Last Lab Trichome Metabolism


November 20

Geoffrey Severin BMB/C. Water Lab Novel bacterial second messenger, cyclic-GMP-AMP, regulates Vibro cholerae membrane remodeling
November 27 Anastasiya Lavell BMB/C. Benning Lab The Role of Proteolysis in Chloroplast Lipid Metabolism of Arabidopsis Thaliana
December 4 Siobhan Cusack CMB/S. Shiu Lab Predicting Genetic Redundancy in Arabidopsis