Fall 2018

Held every Monday from Noon to 1:00

28 meeting dates will be held every Monday from noon – 1:00 in room 162 Food Safety conference room. Each presenter will give a 30 - 45 minute talk.

Date Speaker Department/Lab Title
September 10 Brian Nohomovich MMG/Shannon Manning Lab  Composition and alterations of the human microbiome during acute gastroenteritis and associations with disease severity.
September 17 Ryan Corbett Genetics/Ernst Lab Enhancing Discovery of Functional Elements in the Pig Genome through Epigenomic Analyses
September 24 Taylor Dunivin MMG

RefSoil+ provides insights into antibiotic resistance genes on soil plasmids

October 1 Jason Schrad BMB/Kristin Parent Lab Stargate SMBV-1
October 8 Sarah Keaton Physiology/Lena Brundin Lab A systems level approach to peripartum depression
October 15 Daniel Lybrand BMB/Last Lab  Specialized metabolism: acylglucose biosynthesis in Solanum
October 22 Heather Blankenship MMG/Manning Lab Diversity of Shiga toxin-producing Eschericha Coli 


October 29

Gracielou Klinger

Jens Scmidt

BMB/Hegg Lab

Biofuels: Synthesizing Money from Trees

Single molecule analysis of genome integrity pathways in human cells

November 5 Alec Steep Genetics/Han Cheng's Lab The Genomic Landscapes of Marek's Disease Lymphomas: The use of statistical and machine learning techniques to interpret mutations

November 12

Joshua Lensmire MMG/Hammer Lab Investigating mechanisms of sulfur source acquisition and utilization by Staphylococcus aureus at the host-pathogen interface


November 19

Megan Shiroda MMG/Manning Lab

Alternative Therapies to GBS-Associated Adverse Pregnancy Outcomes

November 26 David Ferland Pharmacology & Toxicology/ Watts Lab Chemerin stimulation of vascular function in support of blood pressure

December 3

Kibrom Alula Pharmacology & Toxicology/ Galligan lab Sympathetic regulation of blood pressure in the mesenteric vasculature