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Fall 2019

Held every Monday from Noon to 1:00

28 meeting dates will be held every Monday from noon – 1:00 in room 162 Food Safety conference room. Each presenter will give a 30 - 45 minute talk.

Date Speaker Department/Lab Title
September 9 Heather Blankenship MMG/Manning Outbreak Investigation of STEC and Use of WGS in State Public Health Labs
September 16 Shelby Dechow MMG/Abramovitch Defining the functional role of PPE51 in Mycobacterium tuberculosis acid growth arrest
September 23 Gracielou Klinger BMB/E. Hegg Lab Ether-Splitting Thiols: Applications in Lignin Depolymerization
September 30 Brian Hsueh MMG/Waters Lab

The breakdown product of cyclic-di-GMP, pGpG, activates virulence in E. amylovora

October 7 Jake Wier   Professional Development Workshop: Individual Development Plan
October 14 Laura Chambers Pharm Tox/Dorrance Lab

Sex differences in the effect of mineralocorticoid receptor activation on the cerebral microcirculation

October 21 Jake Reske GGS/Chandler Lab ARID1A directly regulates mesenchymal programs in the endometrium through promoter chromatin interactions


October 28

Osama Alian MMG/Schrenk

The Edge of Habitability: Understanding the Energy Dynamics of the Deep Sea Lost City Hydrothermal Vents

November 4 Dan Lybrand   Acylglucose biosynthesis and the trichome metabolome

November 11

Julie Rojewski   Professional Development:
Bechmann Personality Test
(Optional 12-3 PM)

November 18

No Research Forum    


November 25
Kristin Jacob MMG/Reguera  

December 2

Ron Cook BMB/Benning Phosphatidic Acid Phosphates in Chloroplast Lipid Metabolism