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Fall 2022

Held every Monday from 12:40-1:30 PM

26 meeting dates will be held every Monday from 12:40-1:30 PM, in the Plant and Soil
Science Building, Room A158. Each presenter will give a 30-45 minute talk.

Zoom link: https://msu.zoom.us/j/321617675

Date Speaker Department/Lab Title
September 12 Megumi (Meg) Moore Counseling & Psychiatric Services (CAPS) Mental Health
September 19 Anne Dorrance Pharm Tox Introduction and Reflecting on Research Experience
September 26 Anne Dorrance Pharm Tox Finding the "Right Fit"
October 3 Anne Dorrance Pharm Tox Aligning Expectations
October 10 Jake Wier BMS Office IDP Workshop 1: What is an Individual Development Plan?
October 17 Noah Goff
Melissa Meschkewitz
Understanding the Role of DNA Ligase IV in DNA Double Strand Break Repair
Development of a Direct Serum Response Factor Inhibitor Peptide

October 24

Fall Break - No Class



October 31


Ebenezar Okoyeocha Pharm Tox/Tewari-Singh Chloropicrin induced corneal toxicity in a mouse model and injury progression
November 7 Mariia Mikhova BMB/Schmidt TBD

November 14

Alan Halim MCIP/Moore Therapeutic inhibition of miR-10b to target breast cancer stemness and metastasis

November 21


Natasha George MMG/Orlando Revealing the Molecular Machinery Underlying Antibiotic Resistance with Cryo-EM
November 28 Jess Moerland Pharm Tox/Liby TBD

December 5

Jake Wier BMS Office IDP Workshop 2: Creating Professional Goals