Spring 2016

28 meeting dates will be held every Monday from noon – 1:00 in room 1455 BPS BEACON conference room. Each department should have 3 -6 student presenters (depending on the number of grads in department). Each presenter should plan on a 30 - 45 minute talk.

BMS Research Forum Schedule
Date Presenter Email Title of Talk Dept./Lab
Jan. 11 2016 Paula Gajewski paulaann680@gmail.com Epigenetic Regulation of the FosB Gene in Hippocampus GEN/Robison

Jan. 18


Brittany Winner winnerbr@msu.edu UCH-L1 in Parkinson disease: the role of a deubiquitinating enzyme Pharm.Tox./Goudreau & Lookingland
Jan. 25 YaShiuan Lai laiys@msu.edu Uncovering the mechanism for transmitting the unfolded protein response in plants CMB/Brandizi
Feb. 1 Michael Steury steurymi@msu.edu The Role of G-Protein Receptor Kinase 2 in Mucosal Inflammation Physiology/Parameswaran
Feb. 8 Sebastian Raschka raschkas@msu.edu A novel approach to protein-ligand binding mode prediction by rigidity analysis using graph theory BMB & Quant. Biology/Kuhn & Leslie
Feb. 15 Casey (Cassandra) Johnny johnnyca@msu.edu Probing the biochemical continuity of the plastid and ER in diterpenes CMB/Della Penna
Feb. 22 Natalia Hubbs (Porcek) porcekna@msu.edu Hijacking the cell: How bacteriophage Sf6 uses Shigella flexneri Omps for infection MMG/Parent
Feb. 29 Shreya Saha sahashre@msu.edu TBA CMB/Kroos
Mar. 14 Elise Rivett rivettel@msu.edu Characterizing the active site structure and mechanism of heme a synthase BMB/E. Hegg
Mar. 21 Theresa Lansdell lansdel1@msu.edu TBA Pharm.Tox./Goudreau & Lookingland
Mar. 28 Eric Poliner polinere@gmail.com Nannochloropsis as an emerging model for oleaginous algae CMB/Farre & Benning
Apr. 4 Derek Fedeson fedesond@msu.edu Creating an artificial cross-species adhesion system between cyanobacteria and yeast for a synthetic microbial community. GEN & PRL/Danny Ducat
Apr. 11 Juliette Brown brownju3@msu.edu Hormones, Motivation and Body Weight Pharm. Tox./Leinninger
Apr. 18 Janice M. Diaz-Otero diazjani@msu.edu The effects of the endothelial mineralocorticoid receptor in cerebral artery remodeling and endothelial injury Pharm.Tox./Dorrance
Apr. 25 Julienne Brock juliennebrock@gmail.com The Role of PI3K Pathway Dysregulation in Serous Histotype Differentiation of Ovarian Cancer Physiology/Teix