Spring 2018

Held every Monday from Noon to 1:00

28 meeting dates will be held every Monday from Noon – 1:00 in room 162 Food Safety conference room. Each presenter will give a 30 - 45 minute talk.

Date Speaker Department Title
January 8 Ashley Severance Genetics/K. Latham Lab PLK1 Regulates EIF4EBP1 at the Meiotic Spindle
January 15 Martin Luther King Day - No Class    
January 22 Andrew (Ted) Van Alst MMG/V. DiRita Exploitation of Our Mucosal Barrier by Pathogenic Vibrio Cholerae
January 29 Jeff Schachterle Genetics/G. Sundin Lab Small RNA ArcZ Regulates Virulence in Plant Pathogen Erwinia amylovora
February 5 Di Zhang PharmTox/K. Libby Lab Sustained Release Talazoparib Implants for Localized Treatment of BRCA1 Deficient Breast Cancer
February 12 Mitch Roth Genetics/M. Chilver Lab Risk Factors Associated With the Development of Soybean Sudden Death Syndrome
February 19 John Chodkowski MMG/A. Shade Lab Investigating Chemical and Genetic Mechanisms of Antimicrobial Production and Resistance in A Co-evolutionary Arms Race
February 26 Robert Freeborn PharmTox/C. Rockwell Lab The Nrf2-Activating Food Additive, tBHQ, Modulates Host-Defense Against Influenza Virus
March 5 Spring Break - No Class    
March 12 Amber Cussen MechE/Bush Lab The Effect of Moderate Exercise on Hand Kinetics and Kinematics in Osteorthritis and Aging Participants
March 19 Kyle Card MMG/R. Lenski Lab The Evolution of Antibiotic Resistance in a Long-Term Experiment with Escherichia coli
March 26 Nguyen Truong Physiology/K. Olson Lab Interferon Gamma: Beyond the Inflammation
April 2 Daniel Parrell MMG/L. Kroos Lab Role of ATP in Regulated Intramembrane Proteolysis of Pro-ók by SpolVFB During Bacillus subtilis Sporulation
April 9 Nico Fernandez MMG/C. Waters Beyond biofilms: Novel phenotypes controlled by c-di-GMP in Vibrio cholerae
April 16 Alshae Logan MMG/B. Montgomery Lab Investigating the Role of Cyclic-di-AMP in Cyanobacteria
April 23 Julie Rojewski/Meredith Frie Grad School & Coussens Lab BEST Presentation