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Das, Rupali Das, Rupali

(517) 884-5067

Day, Brad Day, Brad

Cell and Molecular Biology, Genetics
(517) 353-7991

DellaPenna, Dean DellaPenna, Dean

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Genetics, Cell and Molecular Biology
(517) 432-9284

Dickson, Alex Dickson, Alex

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
(517) 884-8985

Dillon, Patrick Dillon, Patrick

(517) 884-5040

DiRita, Victor DiRita, Victor

Microbiology and Molecular Genetics
(517) 884-5292

Dong, Ke Dong, Ke

(517) 899-6171

Dorrance, Anne Dorrance, Anne

Pharmacology and Toxicology
(517) 432-7403

Doseff, Andrea Doseff, Andrea

(517) 884-5155 (office)
(517) 884-5142 (lab)

Downes, Francis Downes, Francis

Microbiology and Molecular Genetics

Drewlo, Sascha Drewlo, Sascha

Department of Obstetrics, Gynecology & Reproductive Biology
(616) 234-2754

Ducat, Daniel Ducat, Daniel

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Genetics
(517) 432-5118

Dufour, Yann Dufour, Yann

Microbiology and Molecular Genetics, Genetics
(517) 884-5400

Ebert-May, Diane Ebert-May, Diane

Plant Biology
(517) 432-7171

Ernst, Catherine W. Ernst, Catherine W.

(517) 432-1941

Evans, Sarah Evans, Sarah

Microbiology and Molecular Genetics 
(269) 671-2340 (Office)
(269) 671-2329 (Lab)

Ewart, Susan L. Ewart, Susan L.

Cell and Molecular Biology, Genetics
(517) 884-2005

Farre, Eva Farre, Eva

(517) 353-5215

Fazleabas, Asgi T. Fazleabas, Asgi T.

Cell and Molecular Biology, Physiology, OBGYN
(616) 234-0981

Feig, Michael Feig, Michael

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Cell and Molecular Biology
(517) 432-7439

Fiebig, Aretha Fiebig, Aretha

Microbiology and Molecular Genetics
(517) 884-5352

Fink, Gregory Fink, Gregory

Pharmacology and Toxicology
(517) 353-4648

Fyfe, John C. Fyfe, John C.

Microbiology and Molecular Genetics, Genetics, Cell and Molecular Biology
(517) 884-5348

Gallant, Jason Gallant, Jason

Genetics, Integrative Biology
(517) 884-7756

Galligan, James Galligan, James

Pharmacology and Toxicology
(517) 353-4778

Ganz, Julia Ganz, Julia

(517) 432-0733                                                                                

Garavito, R. Michael Garavito, R. Michael

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Genetics
(517) 355-9724

Geiger, James H. Geiger, James H.

Cell and Molecular Biology
(517) 353-1144

Grotewold, Erich Grotewold, Erich

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology                                                               (517) 353-1425                                                                                     

Gulbransen, Brian Gulbransen, Brian

Genetics, Physiology
(517) 884-5121