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Admission/Recruiting Weekends

The BioMolecular Sciences Gateway values our ability to offer flexibility in all aspects of our recruitment. After initial review of your application, our admissions committee may offer you an invitation to attend a virtual recruitment event where you will be asked to give a short research presentation and interview with four BMS faculty members. We will also provide you an opportunity to learn and ask questions about our program and Michigan State University as a whole.

Domestic Applicants and International Applicants within the western hemisphere will be invited to interview at one of recruitment days held on January 12, 2024 and February 2, 2024.

International Applicants in the eastern hemisphere and those who could not attend our recruitment days will be invited to interview between January 16, 2024 and February 10, 2024.

We expect to have all final decisions sent by mid-February.

Domestic Applicants who have been offered admission will be invited to visit our campus in person March 7-9, 2024. All travel expenses and hotel accommodations will be covered through the BioMolecular Sciences Gateway program.