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Research Forum

26 meeting dates will be held every Monday from 1:30-2:30 PM in 162 Food Safety and Toxicology.  Each presenter should plan on a 30-45 minute talk with a question period afterwards (if desired).

Course Schedule

Fall 2023




Unit 1: Setting a Strong Foundation

August 21, 2023 (Orientation)

Jake Wier

Entering Research Sessions 1 & 2

Reflecting on Research Experience

Finding the “Right Fit”

Why do you want to do research and earn a graduate degree?


What specific goals do you hope to achieve with your graduate research?


What contributions will you bring to your research team?

What characteristics do                                                                you value in a research team?


What abilities/skills do you have or lack that you think an individual should have to be able to conduct research at the graduate level?

August 28, 2023

Dr. Emily Roberts

Up-Level Your Cash Flow as a Graduate Student


Up-Level your CashFlow Workshop Materials:

Rotation Selection 1 due Sunday August 27th at 11:59 PM.

September 4, 2023

Labor Day – No Class


September 11, 2023

Jake Wier

Aligning Expectations

What, if any, specific technical or communication skills do you expect to learn as part of the research experience?

What would success in this research experience look like to you?

What would you like to achieve:

a. By the end of your 1st year?

b. By the end of your 3rd year?

c. By the time you complete your degree?

September 18, 2023

Jake Wier



“Self-Efficacy and Why Believing in Yourself Matters” (Cherry 2023)

September 25, 2023

Jake Wier

Coping Efficacy


Unit 2: Setting Goals and Learning Skills

October 2, 2023

Jake Wier

IDP Workshop 1: What is an IDP?


IDPs aren’t just more Paperwork



October 9, 2023

Jake Wier

IDP Workshop 2: Creating Smart Goals

Design one smart goal to explore a career you had not initially thought of.

Design one smart goal for one skill you need to improve for a career you are interested in

This is one smart goal. Depending on the skill, the end point is not for you to necessarily become an expert at this skill after only that one semester. Make sure it’s realistic and specific. Something achievable within a semester.



Unit 3: Current Student Led Workshops

October 16, 2023

Kaylee Wilburn
Creating a Personal Mission Statement


Objectives/ In class:

1.       Identify the what, how, when, and why as they pertain to your long-term goals.

2.       Construct a succinct sentence that clearly conveys who you are and your long-term professional goals


Please come with your resume, CV, current IDP, SMART goals, and other materials pertaining to your professional development (biosketch, etc.).

Pre class work:

1.       List words or attributes of your dream job

2.       Identify the non-negotiables for your future career (IDPs can help with this)


After class/ Summative Assessment (optional):

1.       Kaylee to provide feedback on rough drafts of student’s personal mission statements


October 23, 2023

Fall Break- No Class

Rotation Period 2 selections are due Friday, October 20, 2023

October 30, 2023

Bradley Ryva

Coding in SAS and R

Rotation Evaluations for Period 1 are due on Friday, October 27, 2023


November 6, 2023

Natasha George

Getting started using protein structures & predictions for insight into function, and how we get structures by cryo-EM


November 13, 2023

Kayla Connor

Olive Lab Post-Doc


November 20, 2023

Diego Grandaos-Villanueva

Kim Lab – Computational Biology, structural biology, and cryo-em.


November 27, 2023

Dr. Vic DiRita

How to Give a Research Talk in 30 Minutes


December 4, 2023

Finals Week- No Forum

Rotation Period 3 selections are due Friday December 22, 2023

Rotation Evaluations for Period 2 are due on Friday, Dember 29, 2023



Spring 2024

Unit 4: Developing a Network

January 8, 2024

Jake Wier

IDP Workshop Pt. 3

Entering Research: Networking


January 15, 2024

Martin Luther King Day – No Class


January 22, 2024

Jake Wier

Entering Research: Developing a Curriculum Vitae/Biosketch

Submit a CV/Biosketch

Update your LinkedIn profile

January 29, 2024

Jake Wier

Entering Research: Diversity in STEM


February 5, 2024

Jake Wier

Entering Research: Challenges Facing Diverse Teams


Imposter Syndrome, Stereotype Threat, and Bias Literacy: An Introduction



Trainee Material

February 12, 2024

Guest Speaker

Conferences and Travel Funding


February 19,2024

Guest Speaker

Alumni Panel Discussion


February 26, 2024

Spring Break – No Class


Unit 5: Current Student Led Workshops

March 4, 2024

Mylena Ortiz

Troubleshooting workflow: Lentivirus generation


March 11, 2024

Nicholas Moreno

Apple Aroma Biosynthesis in Ripening


March 18, 2024



March 25, 2024

Pragya Saxena

“Quantification of mechanical compliance of the murine bladder”


Unit 6: Scientific Writing/Speaking

April 1, 2024

Dr. John LaPres

Grant Writing/T32s/Dual Degree Opportuntities


April 8, 2024

Three Minute Thesis Pt. 1

BMS Students will give an update on Rotation projects/permanent lab projects.

April 15, 2024

Three Minute Thesis Pt. 2

BMS Students will give an update on Rotation projects/permanent lab projects.

April 22, 2024

Finals Week- No Class